Building Financial Stability


Because we only offer grant writing services for historic preservation, we have specific expertise in raising money for bricks-and-mortar, preservation education, and historic resource survey projects. We know what grant programs are available and how they work at the federal, state, and local levels, and how to develop a grant strategy that will meet your needs.

We take a long view of grant seeking, which can serve to introduce your organization to potential funders even if you aren’t awarded a grant the first time you apply. Building relationships with grant-making foundations should be part of a comprehensive fundraising strategy that includes membership development, major donor development, special events, and other fundraisers.

Once you’ve received a grant, we can also help you manage the reporting process and requests for reimbursement, if applicable.



We believe that every non-profit organization should have an endowment, just as every individual should have a retirement account. Unfortunately, many of us – individuals and organizations alike – aren’t so good about setting aside funds for the future.

McDoux doesn’t provide financial advice, but we can help you build endowment creation and growth into your organization’s long-range plans. We can also help you identify sources of income from within and outside your organization, and set manageable goals for directing funds to your endowment account.

It’s all part of a comprehensive financial strategy.


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