McDoux Preservation works with individuals and organizations who own, manage, and advocate for historic buildings and landscapes, helping them develop knowledge, organizational capacity, and financial strength. How can we help you?

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Building Knowledge

Knowing the history of a building, structure, object, district, or landscape — why and by whom it was created, how it has changed over time, and the people with whom it has been associated — helps us to understand its place in our world and the value of preserving it for future generations.

This sort of documentation has value for property owners, who may be able to use it to secure an historic designation, market their historic home for sale, take advantage of tax incentives, and make appropriate plans for renovation or restoration that preserve the property’s historic integrity.

Sadly, not every older or historic building or landscape can be preserved. When a resource must be removed to make way for something new, it is equally important to create a permanent record of the thing before it is gone forever.

Building Organizational Capacity

Building Financial Strength


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