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December 21, 2009

Welcome, and thanks for visiting McDoux Preservation on the web!

McDoux Preservation is built upon three central beliefs:

  • That historic resources are more likely to be preserved when individuals and organizations who own, manage, and advocate for them are knowledgeable and organizationally effective;
  • That increasing the public’s awareness of and appreciation for historic resources is best accomplished through research, engaging interpretation, and opportunities to interact with the resource and its history; and
  • That every organization and individual needs a defining goal that reflects their core values and provides direction; and any plan for achieving that goal must include steps toward financial security.

    Our goal, then, is to help people responsible for America’s historic resources to build knowledge, organizational capacity, and financial security. In this space, look for practical information about archival research, fundraising, strategic planning, and much, much more.

    How can we help you?